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What is PIDJ?
Primary Immunodeficiency Database in Japan

Primary immunodeficiencies (PID) are inborn disorders in which part of the immune system does not function properly. Because the immune system is essential for protection of the body against viruses, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, if PID patients are not treated properly they might have severe life-threatening infections or permanent damage that interferes with everyday activities. Therefore, early diagnosis is essential to prevent the recurrent infections from causing serious damage.

Although there are more than 150 primary immunodeficiency diseases, many causative genes have been identified, there have been some advances in PID therapies, and the quality of life is improving because of the continuing scientific advances. However, diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies is still difficult because clinical symptoms are varied and special diagnostic tests are necessary. Therapies and management of everyday life also often require special knowledge and techniques.

In Japan, the Clinical Study Group for Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID Study Group, a research program of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for overcoming intractable diseases) has been conducting epidemiological, pathological, diagnostic, and therapeutic studies on primary immunodeficiencies.
However, to expand and deepen PID research, collaboration is needed among a wide range of life science researchers to tackle the diverse genes related to these diseases. In order to accomplish this goal, RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology (RCAI), Kazusa DNA Research Institute (KDRI) and the PID Study Group jointly launched PIDJ to make collective efforts to overcome primary immunodeficiencies.

PIDJ aims to provide support for the general public and clinicians who share the hope of healthy growth of children. We wish to help these people gain a better understanding of primary immunodeficiencies and to develop fast and accurate diagnosis and therapies. With these objectives in mind, RIKEN RCAI built the PIDJ informational platform and maintains the database in collaboration with PID Study Group and KDRI. In particular, the clinical archives, the essential basis of this platform, are maintained under tight and strict contact with the PIDJ Study Group.

We hope the PIDJ will be a useful platform for you in building networks on primary immunodeficiencies.


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